Meridiani stands out in the furniture scene thanks to its contemporary and at the same time versatile collections, which interpret home as a dress to wear.
Neat and pure shapes along with a constant research for new materials and textures suggest a sophisticated way of living everyday life. A distinguished and recognizable style and identity always offer new sources of inspiration and at the same time leave space for personal interpretation.
Craftsmanship and manual skills, know-how and deep knowledge of materials and techniques for a 100% made in Italy collection.

Asplund vision has always been clean, functional, elegant lines and proportional volumes with a quality that lasts and never goes out of style.
An interesting and good contemporary design, that you should be able to like as long as it lasts. Good design for us is a product that you can use and combine to almost any style, it should be obvious as if it has always been there.
They put a big effort in making our furniture and carpets. Details are made with the uttermost attention, materials chosen because they are the most suitable and durable for that special item.
By Blasco

Since the founding of the company in 1945, Blasco has gained recognition for the simplicity, quality and comfort of their tailor-made, upholstered furniture.
Founded in the Northwest of Madrid, their secret to success lies in combining durable designs with expert craftsmanship and respect of nature, an approach that has established Blasco as a benchmark in the world of decoration and interior design.
Punt mobles

Punt, formally Punt Mobles, was founded in 1980 in Valencia, Spain. Their design portfolio, which spans storage, tables and seating, demonstrates an emotional sensibility to material and detail, alongside an engineer’s eye to functionality and performance.
Punt have worked with designers including Terence Woodgate and Mario Ruiz to create versatile furniture designs suitable for homes, hotels, offices and commercial spaces. Their pieces are made in Spain by skilled craftsmen..
Vandra rugs

Vandra Rugs is a luxurious hand-woven rugs which combine design with the highest level of craftsmanship.
As a Swedish heritage luxury lifestyle brand, they continuously strive to act in a respectful and sustainable way towards both people and the planet.
All rugs are made to order, up to maximum six meters wide and any length, in their own atelier in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine.

Audo Copenhagen is born of collaborative spirit. Developed from uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen,
Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving.
The furniture, lighting and interior accessories are shaped by purposeful details, high-quality materials and human needs, going hand-in-hand with the pursuit to create strong, long-lasting connections and partnerships.

Fredericia is an iconic brand of Danish furniture design founded by N. P. Ravnsø in 1911.
The company started as a chair factory, and since the beginning, it focused on top-quality products made by the most skilled craftsmen to last from generation to generation.
One of the most trusted brands of Danish design, Fredericia has collaborated with legendary designers such as Børge Mogensen and Nanna Ditzel as well as fresh names of contemporary design.
Limited edition

Limited Edition creates handcrafted, bespoke rugs for the luxury interior design market.
For over 25 years, Limited Edition has applied its age-old craftsmanship and refined style to making distinctive, one-of-a-kind floor coverings for indoor as well as outdoor spaces.
Discover the surprising world of Limited Edition rugs, from natural fibers like abaca and wool to modern synthetics, all woven in Belgium.

DETJER's furniture designs are inspired by the typical 1950s Chandigarh style, but executed with high-quality and contemporary materials.
Perfect for lovers of understated yet sophisticated aesthetics.
Santa & Cole

Founded in 1985, Barcelona-based Santa & Cole curates only products that are interesting – either because of a great story, history, an elegant form or a smart technological solution.
They believe the greatness of an editor lies in the catalogue rather than in the size of the company.
Santa & Coles’s product range includes lighting and furniture from classics to contemporary design, as well as elements for the urban environment.